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Sponsor a woman in India

Mukti Mission exists to support destitute and abandoned children and women in India. Children and women come to Mukti with backgrounds of extreme poverty, exploitation and abuse. At Mukti they find safe shelter and the basic necessities of life such as food, clean water, clothing and medical care. However much more than that, they find a loving and supporting community where they can rebuild their lives, and opportunities to realise their God-given potential including education, vocational skills training and small business enterprise. For those children and women who are able in time to leave Mukti, they go empowered and equipped to be ‘salt and light’ in new communities. For those who are unable to live independent lives (particularly those living with intellectual and physical disabilities or mental illness) they remain to serve and be a blessing to others in the Mukti community.

Mukti Mission is already making a difference in the lives of thousands of women and children in India, but the Mission needs help and relies on God to touch people’s hearts and join in with this amazing work. Could you partner together with us to offer hope and a positive future to a child or women in India?

All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Your $40 monthly support will go towards:

  • Providing a safe, loving home to a disadvantaged child or woman
  • Providing basic needs such as safe shelter, food, water, clothing etc.
  • Providing access to medical care
  • Providing education and/or vocational training

You can choose to sponsor:

A Girl

Over 300 girls live in family group homes at Mukti’s main campus in Kedgaon. If you have a heart to sponsor a girl living with a particular disability, you can do so.

Sponsor a girl in India

A Boy

Mukti’s daycare centre in one of the largest red-light districts in India provides a safe secure environment for children from the local area. For those with a working mother a night shelter is also available.

Sponsor a boy in India

A woman

Over 250 women live in together in community at Mukti’s main campus in Kedgaon. Most are physically or intellectually disabled, suffer from mental illness, or are abandoned widows. Mukti offers a safe home and loving community, and provides vocational and life skills training so the women can participate in and bless their community.

Sponsor a woman in India

Sponsor in Sri Lanka

Sponsor a child in Sri Lanka-min

Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka seeks to empower vulnerable women and children to develop an understanding of their own personal worth and realise the potential within themselves to live a purpose-filled life. Wings of Hope has two locations, one working amongst a slum community in Colombo, another working amongst tea picker communities in the hill stations of Hatton.

The project supports these communities through:

  • homework clubs to help poor and vulnerable children keep up in school
  • medical check-ups, medicine and vaccinations
  • meals and nutritional supplements
  • vocational, business and life skills training and support
  • Health, hygiene, family planning and rights awareness training
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Centres

You can support this amazing and inspiring work by becoming a partner in the Wings of Hope Sponsorship Program.

All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Your $40 monthly support will go towards:

  • Providing nutritious meals and meal supplements
  • Providing educational support, supplies and stationary, school shoes and a school bag
  • Providing access to medical care
  • Providing a birthday present to the child
  • Supporting the child’s family through a mother’s program and access to micro-credit

By partnering in the Wings of Hope Sponsorship Program, you can transform the life of a vulnerable child in Sri Lanka and create lasting change for their entire community.

Sponsor a child in Sri Lanka

The monthly sponsorship amounts for are different between our Indian partner, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, and our Sri Lankan partner, Wings of Hope. Mukti Mission in India runs a residential program whereas Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka runs a community based program. A residential program such as Mukti Mission India provides holistic care including shelter, food, access to water, clothing, school fees etc. In short, the children and women live at Mukti Mission. Alternatively, a community based program such as Wings of Hope in Lanka supports children through education and health initiatives whilst the children remain living with their own families. Residential programs cost more to run – the project must provide housing, three meals a day, all-year-round clothing, house parents, full time staff to administer the project, and all the other infrastructure that goes along with a residential care facility. For this reason we need to assign multiple sponsors for every child or woman at Mukti Mission India in order to provide full funding to support each vulnerable women and child. The resources required to run the Daycare and Nightshelter program similarly requires multiple sponsors to enable the shelter to be open as needed. On the other hand, Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka does not have to provide 24hr care and so operates on a smaller budget per child. As it costs Wings of Hope $40 a month to support each vulnerable child we only assign one sponsor who provides the full $40 a month.

Both the residential care model and the community based model are valid and necessary approaches to development, and our partners have adopted the approach to best support the needs and situations of the children and women they seek to support. The children and women that Mukti Mission in India supports often have no home and/or no family, and so it is absolutely vital to provide residential care – vulnerable children and women need a safe shelter and the basics of life such as food, water, clothing and health care in order to take hold of other opportunities such as education, vocational skills training and small business enterprise. On the other hand, the children that Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka seeks to serve have homes and families but desperately need support to improve their living conditions, health and educational opportunities. Models of care are a matter of preference. When deciding which of our sponsorship programs to support, choose the project that speaks to you personally. Whether you support our residential care project in India or our community based program in Sri Lanka, your support will create real opportunities for a vulnerable and disadvantaged child or woman to have real hope and pursue a life that realises their God-given potential.

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