Mukti Australia is all about empowering WOMEN & CHILDREN


Mukti Australia is all about empowering women and children




Mukti Australia is all about empowering WOMEN and CHILDREN

We seek to create opportunities for disadvantaged women and children in India and Sri Lanka to lift themselves out of poverty and live meaningful lives of hope, safety and empowerment. We seek to support and empower:

  • Orphaned and abandoned children
  • Destitute women and children
  • Widows
  • Outcast women and children
  • Unwed and single mothers
  • Women and children living with intellectual and physical disabilities
  • Women and children living with mental illness
  • Women caught in the sex trade and their children.

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We believe that education is the key to empowering disadvantaged children to escape generational cycles of poverty.

Mukti Australia supports initiatives that promote learning and education, including:

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Tertiary education scholarships
  • Homework clubs
  • Computer academy
  • Braille schools for the visually impaired
  • Special Needs Schools for those living with physical, intellectual and visual impairment
  • Early Childhood Care, Education Centres and Day Care Centres
  • Literacy programs
  • After-school educational progammes (Sri Lanka).

Many girls and boys (from the expansion homes) are supported through higher education and become teachers, nurses, social workers, IT specialists, administrators, engineers and other professions. 


Vocational Training, Small Business Enterprises and Rights Awareness

We invest in initiatives that provide disadvantaged girls and women with skills and knowledge that builds their confidence, enables them to earn an income, become more independent and take control of their own lives and futures. Mukti Australia supports initiatives such as:

  • Sewing and jewellery making at Mukti Mission’s Creative Arts School (India) – girls who are not academically inclined learn skills such as sewing and jewellery making. We help sell the products they produce in Australia to provide the girls with an income. You can purchase their products in our online shop
  • Paper crafts training at Mukti Mission’s Special Needs School (India) – the students make braille boxes, cards and other items.
  • Small businesses for women living with physical disabilities such as ironing business, small shops and cafés (India and Sri Lanka)
  • Business training workshops, self-help groups and livelihood training programmes (Sri Lanka)
  • Skills training and job finding support for youth (Sri Lanka)
  • Rights awareness, parenting and child protection workshops
  • Literacy programmes.


Mukti Australia supports initiatives that promote the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and women in India and Sri Lanka.

Mukti Australia supports initiatives that promote health and wellbeing including: 

  • Hospitals, preventative care units and mobile health clinics. Mukti Mission has a 30-bed facility which provides free medical care to the Mission’s 750+ residents, as well as subsidised medical care to disadvantaged members of the local community (India)
  • Nursing Homes – Mukti Mission’s Sunshine Nursing Home cares for vulnerable elderly women who can no longer care for themselves and have no family (India)
  • Dental Clinics – Mukti Mission has a dental clinic that provides free dental care to the Mission’s residents and subsidised dental care to disadvantaged members of the local community
  • Medical check-ups, medicine, vaccinations and nutritional support programs
  • Health, hygiene and sanitation workshops (Sri Lanka)
  • Mother and baby care programmes (Sri Lanka)
  • School meal programs
  • Women’s Shine empowerment programme (Sri Lanka)
  • Nutritional supplements ( Sri Lanka).


Mukti Australia believes that for vulnerable women and children to lift themselves out of poverty, the essential building blocks of life must be in place.

These include safe shelter, access to food, clean water and sanitation, clothing and community. We invest in initiatives that promote these most basic needs, such as:

  • Family group homes for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and women. Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission provides a home and a sense of belonging to women and children with backgrounds of poverty, abuse and exploitation across India. Over 750 women and children live together in community at the Mission’s main campus near Pune, and more live together in 18 expansion homes across nine different states in India. To move towards self-sufficiency, the Mission also operates a farm and dairy.
  • Emergency food rations and other relief 
  • Other initiatives that improve the living conditions of impoverished families such as building toilets, wells and other community amenities, and repairing houses.

Who we are

In Sanskrit, the word ‘mukti’ means freedom, liberation and salvation.

The name ‘mukti’ reflects the origins of our work which began in India over a century ago. Today, we partner with organisations in both India and Sri Lanka to empower disadvantaged children and women.




of females in India are illiterate.