Our Projects

Thanks to our amazing supporters, Mukti Australia was able to work alongside our Indian partner Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, and our Sri Lankan partner Wings of Hope, to carry out some incredible development projects in 2018. Our projects focused on increasing our partners capacity to support and empower disadvantaged and vulnerable children and women, both now and well into the future. We’re so looking forward to another year of partnership with the amazing folks at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India and Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka. It is such a privilege to be part of this wonderful and life-changing ministry. All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt. 

Throw, catch, laugh, run, all while celebrating, a love for cricket and inspiring children to stay active and healthy!

We are collecting new and old cricket equipment to be distributed by our Sri Lankan grassroots partners “Wings of Hope” to equip the boys and girls participating in their projects in Colombo, and Hatton in the tea plantations.

The cricket equipment provided will help children learn new skills, enable them to play in a team, make new friendships, and have a greater sense of worth and belonging. Mukti Australia and Wing of Hope longer term goal is to facilitate cricket lessons, coaching clinics,  play matches and engage the children in Sri Lankan Cricket Clubs.

We are grateful to our current partners in this project: Ringwood & District Cricket Association (RDCA) and Saxon Sports, Bayswater, Victoria. If you would like to partner with us please contact us : admin@mukti.org.au

Mukti schools upgrade to internet and equipment.

At the main Mukti campus in Pune District of Maharashtra, there are three schools: The Primary School conducts most lessons in the local Marathi language, as do the High School & Junior College. There is also an English-medium school (years K-10), at which most lessons are in English. The schools are populated not only by hundreds of resident children at Mukti but also many hundreds more from the surrounding community. They all receive quality education, but resources are limited. Funds raised for this project will go towards providing enhanced internet access, IT equipment and educational resources for these schools, giving students increased online learning capacity.

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission’s land is a precious gift which is treasured for today and for the future.

To prevent the land being encroached by squatters, and to protect the animals and crops the boundary needs to be walled for security.

It is well underway, but there is still a long way to go. Every gift towards this wall takes it a little further along and protects this valuable asset.


Every day our wonderful House Mothers and their helpful carers look after the precious women and girls who live with a wide variety of special needs.

Cleaning and bathing take a lot of time and there is no running hot water meaning that each day bucket after bucket must be slowly and carefully heated.

There is so much sun in India that solar water heaters are the perfect answer!

Each gift will bring warmth, and improve not only the life of the House Mother but each of those in the Violet and Poinsettia homes.

Soothing aching muscles and improving health and hygiene- What a wonderful gift.

Every dollar you give will be so very much appreciated.

Poor living conditions can make life unhealthy and very difficult.

You can help a family in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka to have a healthier life through assisting with waterproof housing and sanitation facilities.

It is very difficult for girls and women in particular, to live in the tea pickers’ lines without a toilet. Wings of Hope are assisting by providing materials and training, enabling families to build their own toilet facility.

Some families also require assistance with repairs or rebuilding their tiny shacks to make them  waterproof and prevent heavy rains washing through the dirt floors and destroying their few belongings.

Homework is hard and if your family is illiterate, who is there to help?

Wings of Hope’s team of teachers work with the children encouraging, supporting and teaching a group each afternoon. The results in these children’s lives is amazing!

At present they meet in a repurposed cattle shed.
You can help build a community and education centre in the hills at Hatton so that this work can grow and flourish and impact more children with quality education.

Completed Projects

Wings of Hope - Sri Lanka
Wings of Hope - Sri Lanka

Wings of Hope Lanka (WOH) is a non-profit organisation that empowers vulnerable women and children to develop an understanding of their own personal worth and realise the potential within themselves to live a purpose-filled life.

Project Activities:

  • Providing school stationary and school shoes so that disadvantaged children can attend government schools
  • Weekly tutorials to help the kids keep up at school
  • Medical check-ups, medicine and vaccinations
  • Meals and nutritional supplements
  • Health, hygiene and family planning education
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Centres
  • Training in life skills, budgeting, business enterprise and vocational skills
  • Women’s self-help group and access to credit for micro-enterprises
  • Rights awareness training
  • Partnering with and strengthening the local church


  • About 200 disadvantaged children receive access to education, health care and nutritional meals
  • About 20 families’ income increased through livelihood programs
  • About 10 vulnerable teenagers receive business training, life skills and vocational support
  • About 200 children’s and 70 families’ health improved through health and hygiene education sessions
  • Two women’s self-help groups formed
  • Six women receive access to credit for micro-enterprise
  • About 340 lives impacted!