Our partner, Wings of Hope Lanka, received a large cargo shipment from Australia in September! There was much excitement, joy and smiles from the children who received these items, whether they be clothes, stationery, toys, knitted wear or cricket gear.

For many of the children at Wings of Hope Lanka, cricket is more than just a sport; it is an obsession. A big thanks to Ringwood and Districts Cricket Association (RDCA), as well as Saxon Sports (Croydon, VIC), for gifting this precious equipment to them and giving girls and boys the opportunity to pursue their passion, and play for their cricket team in school and in their villages!

We have a particular reason to celebrate for Heshani*, a young girl who plays an integral role in her school’s cricket team. Your donation will not only enhance her skills but also empower her to pursue her dreams with even greater enthusiasm.

And then there’s Aken*, a student at a school run by a Christian mission. His biggest dream is to someday represent his country in cricket.  Pursuing this dream has placed a significant financial burden on his parents, as the cost of a bat and some basic gear can easily exceed AUD $125. Your generosity has brightened his path not only for himself but also for his friends and the students for his school, which had been facing a shortage of proper sports equipment.

For a child who rarely (if ever) has the opportunity to choose a new item of clothing from the store, it is truly special to pick out their very own toy or jumper, and know that someone truly cares for them. School supplies have inflated at unbelievable rates due to the economic crisis, even up to 300% for some supplies. This strain is just unbearable for parents who are even struggling to keep up with food inflation. The joy and happiness on the faces of girls, boys and even teenagers was hard to put into words as they eagerly cuddled their bears or started sketching in new notebooks with new coloured pencils.

Thank you to RDCA, Saxon Sports, and all our donors who have contributed in ways big and small to this recent shipment!