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Clive Stebbins life story – ‘Blue Skies, Green Lights and Purple Pumphandles’!


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Known as ‘the oldest teenager in the business’ Clive Stebbins remarkable life is a story of God’s work in the life of a very ordinary person. As the Director of Melbourne Youth For Christ (YFC) for 36 years, Clive led a YFC program that impacted the lives of thousands of young people for decades.

Moving on to International Needs Australia for some years, he then served in Sri Lanka for 15 years in Hatton, high in the mountains in the tea estates, bringing after school tuition to children of the tea pickers. Now almost reaching his 90th birthday, his story will inspire, encourage, bring back memories, make you laugh, and challenge you. His services to the international community and youth were acknowledged in his receiving an Order of Australia medal in the 2022 Australia Day awards.

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