EMPOWERING women and children





Mukti Australia is able to work alongside our Indian Partner, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission and and Sri Lankan Partner, Wings of Hope Lanka, to carry out sustainable development projects.

Our projects focus on increasing our Partner’s capacity to support and empower disadvantaged and vulnerable children and women, both now and well into the future. It is such a privilege to be part of this empowering and transformational work.

All donations $2 and over receive a tax-deductible receipt.


Read the latest 2023 Development Project Impact Report for an update about YOUR impact on women and children in India and Sri Lanka in 2023


Education: Junior College Classrooms Phase 2

In India, many children face formidable barriers like poverty, challenging family situations and limited resources, hindering access to quality education. The Junior College has been a steadfast provider of quality Year 11 and Year 12 education for residents and underprivileged children from neighbouring communities.

Growing demand for enrolment is placing immense strain on existing facilities, necessitating urgent need for additional classrooms. The expansion will not only accommodate more students but also enable greater opportunities for access to various study streams of Science, Art, Commerce, and in the future, Technology. This expansion aligns with the College’s commitment to enhance educational opportunities and break down barriers for disadvantaged youth in the region.



Education: New Floor and Hall for Manorama Memorial High School

Additional classrooms are urgently needed to accommodate the growing enrolment demand. As PRMM expands its educational offerings to the broader local community, creating more opportunities for underprivileged children from low-income families to access quality education, there has been a notable rise in enrolments, for both boys and girls.   

To accommodate this growing student body and demand for education, the project for the new second floor through the generosity of Australian supporters is progressing well.  This new floor will provide a spacious hall for various activities and events, and dedicated e-learning classrooms.  A fire escape staircase will also be constructed to ensure student safety. 



Holistic Care: Roof Repair for Boys' and Mother and Son Homes

Urgent repair required for the roofs of Boys’ Homes and Mother & Son Villa. Presently, the roofs are severely leaking, particularly during heavy rains. Birds have created holes, allowing rainwater to seep into the homes, causing significant damage to the rooms. Your support in fixing these roofs is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. 



Safe Shelter (Sangli Safe Hub)

This project is located in one of the largest red light districts in India. 

This leaves many marginalised children and families in a vulnerable and unsafe situation whilst their mothers are working. 

The project is coordinated by Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India and will support children and families by funding a Day Care Centre where the children receive an education and meals support.

It will also support a safe and secure overnight shelter for children.



Sustainability: Solar Panels

Blessed with abundant sunshine most of the year, Mukti Mission has a fantastic opportunity to embrace clean energy. Solar panels are a cost-effective way to power the campus, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning towards a sustainable future. 

Several exciting solar projects have been identified to bring renewable energy to different parts of the Mission, including the Junior College and possibly the Hospital and residential homes. 



Sustainability: Good Harvest

This ongoing project is all about maximising the yield from Mukti’s 160 acres of farmland. It includes utilising sustainable, organic agriculture methods and maintaining farm machinery and equipment. It includes plans to build a large dam and contouring of the land to maximise collection of rainwater that falls on the property, especially during monsoon season.

Many of the grain crops, fruit and vegetables are vital for supplying Mukti’s kitchens. Surplus grains and sugar cane can be sold to produce income.




Rainwater Harvesting

Successful completion of a significant rainwater harvesting project initiated in 2022. This project, meticulously planned through research and consultation, addresses our commitment to environmental sustainability and water security. 

The system captures rainwater from the roofs of the Mukti hospital and the new paediatric wing through a network of gutters, downpipes, and water channels.  Two large, 60,000-litre  underground reinforced concrete tanks store the collected water after filtration.  Overflow from the tanks is directed to a well, supplementing irrigation for surrounding farmland. 

This project significantly enhances the security and sustainability of the water supply at Mukti Mission. The harvested rainwater will be used for various purposes within Mukti Mission, reducing the dependence on municipal water sources and wells that can no longer provide sufficient, safe drinking water and irrigation due to impact of climate change. Additionally, the well replenishment benefits local agriculture, fostering a collaborative and environmentally conscious approach. 

Health and Medical: Life-support Ambulance

A new ambulance purchased has enabled PRMM to provide best possible care and life support, including intensive monitoring and airway management to its residents and wider community The ambulance is fitted with, amongst other necessary equipment, an ECG machine, defibrillator, ventilator and oxygen apparatus, blood pressure and portable suction machines, stretcher and spine board, wheelchair and mortuary icebox The old ambulance is also being put to good use to facilitate positive health and wellbeing outcomes in the wider community. 

Holistic Care: Playground for Boys Home

Installation of play equipment sets near the Hebron   Boys’ Home, to enhance overall  wellbeing of the boys on the Mukti campus. This not only fosters physical activity but also promote mental wellness.  

With the support of our generous donors, we have not only created a safe and nurturing space for these young boys but also provided them with opportunities for active play and social interaction.  

Sanitation: Boys Toilet

The inclusion of boys at Manorama Memorial Marathi High School, necessitated the need for additional boys toilet facilities.   

This initiative not only enhances overall hygiene within our campus but empowers these students to become ambassadors of sanitation progress in their respective villages. 

Hospital Renovation

The Mukti hospital has undergone a renovation thanks to your generous support! New fresh paintwork always brightens up the surrounds, as well as a parking bay for autos and bikes. The dental unit has had a facelift too. Garden seats and plants complete the pleasant outdoor aspects of the hospital while patients wait for their all-important treatment or appointments.

Sangli Education Centre

Situated in one of India’s major red light districts, the education centre provides a safe place for girls to be during the day. Education is so important to break this cycle that their mothers are trapped in. The mothers want their girls to have a positive future and hope for a better life than they have known, and this is afforded to them through the Mukti Education Centre.

Blind Ladies Kitchen

The ladies at Mukti who live with visual disability are an amazing group of women. But their kitchen was old and dark. Now it looks lovely with new paintwork and cupboards for each of the women. They are so appreciative of this, and even though most of them cannot see the changes, they are well aware of their new, bright and clean environment.


Goats love bright colours! So, if you visit them in a bright Indian outfit watch out – they will try and nibble your clothes! Providing milk, cheese and meat these goats are a great boost to the Mukti diet for so many women and children. A healthy diet means children can concentrate in school so much better, and enjoy good health with lots of energy for their day.

Main Kitchen Upgrade

Mukti Mission has a big kitchen that prepares food for 700 residents, three times a day. It included a wood fire section for cooking rice and other food items in large quantities. The kitchen upgrade was needed to increase ventilation and upgrade the cooling platforms for large vessels. The kitchen received a fresh coat of oil based paint to facilitate easier cleaning. A doorway previously without a gate was also constructed to prevent the entry of small animals.  

MMHS Kitchen

Lunchtime is an important part of every school day for the girls, and now boys too, at Mukti’s Manorama Memorial High School. This is a time for them to relax and share their lunchtime together. Providing a hot meal to each student helps them concentrate in school as they enjoy a healthy nourishing meal in the middle of their school day.

Junior College

For many years the mothers from the local villages asked the leadership of Mukti to provide a Junior College for their girls to study in safety and with teachers who were concerned for their welfare. Through the generosity of Australian donors, a Junior College was built on the main campus. Today it provides a safe place for both girls and boys to study within a wholesome environment?

Junior College Classrooms Upgrade (Phase 1)

Mukti’s Junior College & High School has gone co-ed! When the Junior College at Mukti in India was built some years ago, it was for girls only. However, as the boys are graduating from the English Medium School at Mukti, there is a great desire for them to be able to complete their years 11 & 12 in the Junior College. The High School is also bulging at the seams with the Primary School boys graduating and moving on into the High School. New enrolments from the local village add to the increasing numbers.

Seven new classrooms, ten toilets, one admin office, Principal’s office, store room and stationary shop have been constructed in the basement of the current building, to cater for the influx of new students, who now have the opportunity to receive a good education and a future filled with potential.

Who we are

In Sanskrit, the word ‘mukti’ means freedom, liberation and salvation.

The name ‘mukti’ reflects the origins of our work which began in India over a century ago. Today, we partner with organisations in both India and Sri Lanka to empower disadvantaged children and women.


Women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people. 


of Females in India are Illiterate.