Healthcare for women and children





Mukti Australia is able to work alongside our Indian partner Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission to carry out sustainable  development projects.

Our projects focus on increasing our partners capacity to support and empower disadvantaged and vulnerable children and women, both now and well into the future. It is such a privilege to be part of this empowering and transformational work.

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Mukti Australia supports initiatives that promote the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and women in India and Sri Lanka.

Mukti Australia supports initiatives that promote health and wellbeing including: 

  • Hospitals, preventative care units and mobile health clinics. Mukti Mission has a 30-bed facility which provides free medical care to the Mission’s 750+ residents, as well as subsidised medical care to disadvantaged members of the local community (India)
  • Nursing Homes – Mukti Mission’s Sunshine Nursing Home cares for vulnerable elderly women who can no longer care for themselves and have no family (India)
  • Dental Clinics – Mukti Mission has a dental clinic that provides free dental care to the Mission’s residents and subsidised dental care to disadvantaged members of the local community (India)
  • Medical check-ups, medicine, vaccinations and nutritional support programs
  • Health, hygiene and sanitation workshops (Sri Lanka)
  • Mother and baby care programmes (Sri Lanka)
  • School meal programs
  • Women’s Shine empowerment programme (Sri Lanka)
  • Nutritional supplements (Sri Lanka)


A new advanced-life support ambulance has arrived at Mukti, India. The old ambulance had done many trips and given much service and was ill-equipped to deal with emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Soon, Mukti residents will be transported to hospital in a safe, comfortable and well equipped ambulance.

Hospital Renovation

The Mukti hospital has undergone a renovation thanks to your generous support! New fresh paintwork always brightens up the surrounds, as well as a parking bay for autos and bikes. The dental unit has had a facelift too. Garden seats and plants complete the pleasant outdoor aspects of the hospital while patients wait for their all-important treatment or appointments.

First Aid Training

First Aid Training was offered in Sri Lanka to prevent and treat injury. Wings of Hope Lanka staff along with volunteers, a government school primary teacher, a government pre-school teacher, and 5 mothers from the Wings Parents Association who do voluntary work in the community. Everyone commented this training was very valuable.  “We have been following remedies that have been passed down through generations to find out that we were only making it worse for a person who is in need of first aid.”
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Who we are

In Sanskrit, the word ‘mukti’ means freedom, liberation and salvation.

The name ‘mukti’ reflects the origins of our work which began in India over a century ago. Today, we partner with organisations in both India and Sri Lanka to empower disadvantaged children and women.


Women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people. 


of Females in India are Illiterate.