Gifts of hope, freedom and life.
Give a Gift that can shape lives!

Do you find it difficult to think of gifts for people you love?

The Mukti Gift Catalogue allows you to purchase gifts that are meaningful and life-changing, things which will make a difference to the lives of the girls and women in India and Sri Lanka. You can purchase from the catalogue:

  • As a general donation towards Mukti.
  • On behalf of someone in place of a birthday or Christmas gift (or another occasion). Mukti will send you a card which you can then send to the person to acknowledge this gift.

All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

If you would like a hard copy of the catalogue order form, click here.


Plastic Chairs For Family Homes

Each flower family needs 12 chairs for the girls and their guests for events, devotions and recreational activities.

Price : $10

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Personal Care Kit

Soap, shampoo and towels are small but necessary items for health and hygiene.

Price : $25


Children’s Mat

Our runner mats for the girls in the church are falling apart – new mats would be great.

Price : $110

Floor mat

Family Room Carpet Mat (2.7×1.8m)

Help our girls in flower families stay warm in cooler weather with a floor mat to sit on.

Price : $139


Large Steel Cupboard 

Girls in flower families have little storage space to keep their belongings safely away from dust.

Price : $200

Emergency Lamp

Emergency Lamps

Provides better lighting for children studying by candlelight or kerosene lamp.   A portable light can be used in various ways at home.

Price : $25


Aluminium Saucepan

A great way for a family to store or collect clean water for drinking and cooking.

Price : $20

Thermos Flask

Thermal Flasks

A hot drink is always refreshing on a very cold day. An easy method of storing hot water to be used when necessary.

Price : $30

Plastic Dish Rack with cover

Plastic Utensils Cover

For families who do not have kitchen space or storage space, this item will keep their utensils hygienically clean after washing them.

Price : $40

Water Filter

Water Filter

Boiling water is expensive for families. A water filter is an inexpensive way of accessing clean drinking water.

Price : $40

General Donation

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