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Frequently Asked Questions
"Mukti" means "salvation", "freedom" or "liberation" in Marathi and other Indian languages.
The sponsorship cost is $30 a month to support a child or women in India and $40 a month to support a child in Sri Lanka.
The monthly sponsorship amounts for India and Sri Lanka are different of key differences between the our Indian partner (Mukti Mission) and our Sri Lankan partner (Wings of Hope). Mukti Mission in India runs a residential program whereas Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka runs a community based program. A residential program such as Mukti Mission India provides holistic care including shelter, food, access to water, clothing, school fees etc. In short, the children and women live at Mukti Mission. Alternatively, a community based program such as Wings of Hope Lanka supports children through education and health initiatives whilst the children remain living with their own families. Residential programs cost more to run – the project must provide housing, three meals a day, all-year-round clothing, house parents, full time staff to administer the project, and all the other infrastructure that goes along with a residential care facility. For this reason we need to assign three sponsor for every child or woman at Mukti Mission India – it costs Mukti Mission $120 a month to support a vulnerable women or child, so we assign three sponsors who each provide $30 a month. On the other hand, Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka does not have all the costs associated with running a residential care program – it costs Wings of Hope $40 a month to support a vulnerable child, so we only assign one sponsor who provides the full $40 a month. Both the residential care model and the community based model are valid and necessary approaches to development, and our partners have adopted the approach to best support the needs and situations of the children and women they seek to support. The children and women that Mukti Mission in India supports often have no home and/or no family, and so it is absolutely vital to provide residential care – vulnerable children and women need a safe shelter and the basics of life such as food, water, clothing and health care in order to take hold of other opportunities such as education, vocational skills training and small business enterprise. On the other hand, the children that Wings of Hope Sri Lanka seeks to serve have homes and families but desperately need support to improve their living conditions, health and educational opportunities. Models of care are a matter of preference. When deciding which of our sponsorships programs to support, choose the project that speaks to you personally. Whether you support our residential care project in India or our community based program in Sri Lanka, your support will create real opportunities for a vulnerable and disadvantaged child or woman to have real hope and pursue a life that realises their God-given potential.
Yes, at Christmas you will receive a greeting from her, and progress reports as available during the year. The quarterly Mukti Pulse and Prayer Pulse will keep you updated on a regular basis.
Yes, the girls and women love to receive short letters in simple English and photos. They proudly show others their letter from their ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’.
You can pay your sponsorship monthly, quarterly or yearly. Payments can be made by credit/debit cards, Paypal, cheque or postal order. Cheques and Postal Orders are payable to 'Mukti Australia Overseas Aid Fund'.
The girls and women love to receive letters, but for some of them it is not possible to write back in English. They speak Marathi. Although some are taught English as a subject in high school, many are not fluent enough to speak or write it.
You may send a monetary gift to the Australian office for birthdays or for Christmas with your regular support. We recommend about $10 for each. Birthday or Christmas gift money is pooled so that each girl and woman, some of whom don't have sponsors, will each receive a gift. This avoids conflict and enables all children and women to share equally in the blessings. Please DO NOT send packages to the children or women. At no time may you send money directly. It is a punishable offence in India to receive money through the mail. All money clearly marked "Birthday Gift’ or ‘Christmas Gift" will be forwarded to Mukti India earmarked appropriately.
The girls and women need a sponsor for the entire time they are a dependent staying at Mukti. It is up to you how long you choose to sponsor her for, but we trust you will be involved for some years. Many of our sponsors have been helping their Mukti girl for more than 10 years and have found it to be a continued blessing. If your circumstances change and you find it necessary to discontinue your sponsorship, please let us know.
You will be notified if your child or woman leaves Mukti for any reason, for example, when an older girl becomes financially independent after training or marries. You will be provided with the opportunity to sponsor another girl or woman if you wish.
Yes, all donations (including sponsorships) over $2 to both Mukti Australia Inc and Mukti Australia Overseas Aid Fund are tax deductible and eligible for a tax receipt.
It is important that you include your last name in the reference area so we are able to identify who the transfer is from. Then we need you to contact us of the donation and tell us where you would like it allocated. Details for Bank transfer to Mukti Account name: Mukti Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Note: Donations to this fund are Tax deductible) BSB: 013 225 Account Number: 250101234