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‘I can’t even begin to imagine the shock and heartache the family must be going through’ writes Rebecca, COO of Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka.

‘I saw the picture of this lady crying over the dead body of her husband. He went out to get diesel for his truck and while standing in the queue in the heat for one hour he just collapsed and died. He was younger than Adrian. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the shock and heartache the family must be going through. The father who went out in the hope of getting fuel drops dead.’

Grateful mothers receiving emergency food relief
the Wings of Hope Project

Each time I speak with Rebecca, I hear the food security situation in Sri Lanka continues to deteriorate each day. Global Citizen reports:

‘Sri Lanka’s political turmoil and economic crisis have brought about a catastrophic food shortage, with the nation’s 21 million residents now forced to pay triple for basics like rice, sugar, lentils and milk powder. Over 500,000 citizens were pushed into poverty in the country over the past two years.’

Wings of Hope families gathering to receive emergency food relief earlier this year

Food, fuel, milk powder – all are scarce and the price is exorbitant for families. In the midst of this crisis, the team at Wings of Hope have  responded already with relief aid through ration packs for 160 families, and Rebecca has requested funds for packs for a further 260 families in eight outreach areas. These packs have 10kg rice, 5kg flour, 1kg dhal, 500g soya, 500g chickpeas and one nutritional supplement per child. This will help a family for one week.

Can you help feed a family for just $26?

They may never be able to thank you personally, but they will be immensely grateful to you. Malar, one of the mothers at the Wings project wrote….

“I opened my rice bucket and it was empty. I sat on the floor and placed a hand on my forehead. What am I going to give my children when they return home from school tired and hungry? I’ve gone beyond my credit limit at the nearest store. I just sat there and cried when I received a message from the Parents Association. I was asked to come that morning to collect a dry ration pack. I have no words to express how I felt. I am of another religion but at that moment I thanked God for looking out for my family. My children would have had no food that day and the next if not for the ration pack that I received. I was able to feed my children for many days and my husband was able to earn some money in the meantime to purchase more groceries. Thank you very much for these ration packs.”


Can you give a gift for a life-saving
X-ray project?

Health needs are always an important focal point at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India. The present need is to upgrade the current X-ray development system and refurbish the current X-ray facility which will make a big difference to the hospital there, as it serves not only the large residential community at Mukti, but also the local villages around.

These systems need upgrading to a computerised radiography system that digitalises X-rays.

This system will use a cassette and image plate to capture instant digital images, instead of the more traditional, slower photographic film. The great advantages of this system is that image plates are reusable, no darkroom or chemicals are needed, there is a reduction in exposure and processing times, it enables software based evaluation and reporting and simple digital exchange and archiving.

PRMM staff member supporting a Mukti hospital resident

This system would be a game changer for the PRMM Hospital and a potential life saver for PRMM residents and those who access it from neighbouring villages. With the advantage of faster diagnoses, quicker and more efficient treatment of patients is possible. When patients need to be transferred to other health services, X-rays and results can also be sent electronically. This is crucial especially for the children and elderly residents at Mukti where time is of the essence to implement treatment plans and to reduce discomfort and pain as quickly as possible.

This project also includes the purchase of five new X-ray plates, construction of a safe workstation where radiographers are better protected from radiation, and a safe area for records to be kept.

An image of the proposed new digitalised x-ray system as it would appear on screen

A new X-ray development system will also reduce the cost of X-ray development, allowing savings to be spent on other necessary items and areas within the hospital.

The end of the financial year (30th June) is a time when many of us look at our finances and realise how blessed we are to live in this country of Australia. It is a privilege we have to invest in the lives of others in India and Sri Lanka, making a difference through our financial giving and our prayer support. Every gift $2 and over will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Will you stand with us and feed a family in need this year, or help the hospital at Mukti to upgrade their X-ray services so they are better equipped to serve PRMM and the communities health needs?
You can make a difference as we work together in partnership.

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