Help Them Thrive This Easter and Beyond

Easter Appeal 2024
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Empower change this Easter! In India and Sri Lanka, countless women and children face a harsh cycle of poverty, violence, and vulnerability. Your gift is urgently needed to help them to not only survive this Easter but to thrive!

Help Them Thrive This Easter and Beyond 

As we approach this Easter, I write with a sense of urgency. Many of those whom we seek to support grapple with increased challenges of violence and vulnerability, abandonment, lack of food, limited education opportunities and lack of access to clean sanitation. These factors perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty but we want to help bring positive change to their situation.

Mukti Australia seeks to bring hope and a brighter future to marginalised women and children in India and Sri Lanka. Our efforts focus on creating opportunities for disadvantaged women and children to have real hope and meaningful lives.

Your support for women and children through Mukti Australia helps them not only survive, but also to thrive.

Your financial gift ensures that there is ongoing support for hundreds of women and children, covering the four pillars of:


Ani found a home at Mukti Mission when she was just 2 years old. Ani was born without sight to nomadic farm labourer parents. They struggled to provide the necessary care due to work demands and limited income to also support two sighted children, Ani was often left completely alone under a large tree during the day and told not to move.

Now, at the age of 13, Ani not only survives, but truly thrives, excelling in her studies in Maths, English and her native Marathi language. She loves reading her Braille books, especially the Bible. Having undergone transformative surgery arranged by Mukti Mission to correct her inverted eyelids and receive prosthetic eyes implants, Ani’s beautiful smile not only radiates joy but also speaks of increased self-confidence, even though she cannot perceive her own smile.

This remarkable transformation is one not possible without sponsors. Ani has Australian sponsors who stay in regular contact with her. She has made many beautiful friendships at Mukti Mission, some of whom also live with special needs. Sponsorship holds profound meaning to Ani and to all the children and women whose lives are empowered by the regular support.

*Names changed for privacy

Transforming Dreams into Reality: One Award, One Family, One Hope at a Time!

“It has been three years since Januthi* has joined the Wings of Hope Lanka programme in the Hope Centre (Hatton). My husband is a three-wheeler driver. My mother has cancer and therefore, needing me to stay at home to care for her and my children. We faced many financial problems.

After Januthi was enrolled in the program, all her school expenses were met. This is such a financial relief for us. Last year Januthi sat for her Grade 5 scholarship examination. She studied very hard, and with the extra help and support from the Hope Centre, we were overjoyed when she passed her examinations. This fulfilled a promise of a gift from us, which we could not meet due to our financial struggles.

To our astonishment, she was honoured with a special certificate and received a cherished pencil case and wrist-watch during the Hope Centre’s Christmas Programme. Both my husband and I were in shock and tears just rolled down our cheeks. This was what she was hoping for from us and though we could not afford it, she received it in an amazing way through the programme.

It is just unbelievable. Thank you so much for being such strong pillars for our children and for us as parents too!”

*Name changed for privacy reason

Due to circumstances beyond their control, vulnerable women and children in India and Sri Lanka can find it difficult to even survive. They may struggle with poverty, abuse, lack of education and little hope for the future.

Working with our partners, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India, and Wings of Hope Lanka in Sri Lanka, we can ensure that your generosity provides them with hope and a brighter future. We invite you to consider standing in the gap with us to Help Them Thrive, either through a once off gift or recurring gift. Sponsoring a woman or child is as little as $40 per month.

$40 contributes to ensure a child access to education for a month.

$100 contributes to ensure a woman with special needs or an elderly lady receives health care.

$160 contributes to education, food, health and/ or a home for a woman or child.

$480 so a child can access better education for a year

Thank you for considering our appeal and for being a vital part of the Mukti Australia family. Together, we can make freedom a reality for vulnerable women and children in India and Sri Lanka.

Wishing you a blessed Easter filled with love, joy, and the warmth of giving.

With heartfelt thanks,

Kim Hammond – National Director, Mukti Australia

Kim, with Manorama Memorial High School Principal, Mrs. Suchita Shinde and students


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