EASTER appeal

We invite you to join MUKTI AUSTRALIA in the vital effort to bring education to the children in India and Sri Lanka.


Give today to enable children to have a promising tomorrow.

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‘Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it’ Marion Wright Edelman

On my last visit to Sri Lanka I walked into a room full of smiling faces, and in the back corner was a young boy waving shyly to me with an extra big smile. I instantly recognized him as my little friend *Santosh, a boy who had been rejected in school a few years back as disruptive to other students, and a general nuisance. His mother had come to Rebecca, our leader in Wings of Hope, with tears in her eyes pleading that her boy be accepted into the Wings program and given an opportunity to have an education. This mother moved Rebecca’s heart, and she willingly took this young boy into the program. Now six years later, Santosh is doing well, he is back in regular school much to the amazement of the teachers, and he is learning and thriving. Poverty is a heavy chain passed from one generation to the next. For a baby born into a poor family, their life is likely to be limited due to malnutrition, unhygienic sanitation, limited access to healthcare, and most of all, a lack of even a basic education. Education plays a major role in breaking the poverty cycle, and unlocking a completely new world of possibilities. Being able to read and write allows children to learn from a wide range of experiences and to engage with society in a powerful way. With higher education, career options open up and the generational cycle of poverty can be broken.


This Easter you can give hope for a brighter future through education.

Will you invest in the lives of these children in India and Sri Lanka?


Junior College Classrooms

At PRMM in India, many girls from poor backgrounds have been given the opportunity to gain an education through Mukti’s own schools. After achieving solid results, many elect to go onto tertiary studies and so secure their future prosperity. This has a wonderful flow-on effect for their children and grandchildren, as they will be able to teach their family to read and write from an early age, giving them a head-start in life and helping to break the cycle of poverty. As the girls graduate from Mukti they will go on to be valuable members of society, contributing to the workforce and their families, and creating opportunities to be light and salt in the world.

At PRMM India, the plan is to increase the number of school classrooms to meet the needs of the children, including an increase in male students, and children from the local community. The Junior College basement is the ideal place to construct more classrooms. Phase 1 of the construction has commenced, thanks to a previous Mukti Australia appeal. Would you help us with additional funds to cover Phase 2?


Hatton Education Centre

At Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka, community children receive educational support that is not available at home. Many will be part of the first literate generation. With an education, they can leave the back-breaking toil of tea picking and find reliable employment that will provide for their future and their family.

The Wings of Hope Education program, high in the mountains near Hatton in the tea estates, currently operates in a small, converted cattle shed. One of Mukti Australia’s development goals is to support the establishment of a local, purpose built Education Centre to meet the educational needs of the children of the tea pickers.


Would you stand with us this Easter, and give a gift, which will enable boys and girls in India and Sri Lanka to have the gift of education, one of the keys which will unlock their future and help them on their journey to be productive, educated citizens in their country.

Please give the gift of education this Easter, and watch for the miracles to appear!

All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

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132 million

 girls are out of school (worldwide).



1 out of 6

girls do not complete 6th grade – worldwide .