Let’s Break Down The Barriers And Empower Children With Education

For many children, boys as well as girls, education is one of the keys to a whole new start in life. For many, their life experience has been exposure to family abuse, drugs, alcohol, personal abuse and sometimes even being trafficked. These children have never had the love of parents and, as adolescents, in their search for love and security they find themselves caught in this same web of destructive behaviours including early marriage and abusive partners.

Education plays a major role in breaking the poverty cycle and unlocking a completely new world of possibilities. Being able to read and write allows children to learn from a wide range of experiences and to engage with society in a powerful way. With higher education, career options can open up, wages earned and the generational cycle of poverty broken.

You can help change this by giving a gift towards education in the Wings of Hope Lanka (WOHL) programme in        Sri Lanka, or in Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (PRMM) in India, or by sponsoring a child.


Wings of Hope Lanka has been working with disadvantaged communities living in the highlands of Hatton since 2015. Many of the men and women in this community work on local tea plantations for very low wages facing challenges such as family violence, substance abuse and inadequate housing. Over time, WOHL has developed strong rapport with this community to deliver a Child Assistance Program (CAP) which runs five days per week during school term. At present Wings engages with 191 children from 5 to 16 years from varied religious backgrounds to provide homework support, a healthy nutritious meal and a safe place where they can build positive connections. We also invest in the lives of 126 families by running community outreach workshops, annual Christmas family events and day camps for these children. The whole family is connected into the WOHL programs. Late last year WOHL was able to settle on a building which will become the Hatton education centre (photo below). This will be a great resource for WOHL, not only for education of the children, but will give more opportunities to expand programs for mums and new ways to reach out to the dads through a men’s shed. Some renovations are needed to make the premises child safe.

Rebecca Alexander, COO of WOHL, writes:

“Having the opportunity of education opened a whole new world for me. I also gained selfconfidence, courage to come out of my past background and face a new type of society with boldness. I learned to believe in myself, because this was instilled into me while I received my education and to me this is so valuable. Education was a stepping stone for me, but the self-confidence and self-worth instilled in me at a very young age are what made me rise above my circumstances.”

(Students at WOHL, 2021)


At Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India there are also many children who want to come to the Mukti High School for education. But classrooms and student numbers are limited. Our goal is to erect a third floor on one of the high school buildings – the building in the photo below.

The extra floor will enable two classrooms to be built which will cater for an additional 100 students from the surrounding villages.

Adding an extra storey to the already existing two storey infrastructure is the easiest, most cost and space effective way to allow more students to attend the High School. Double desks are also needed for the new classrooms.

Did you know that nearly two thirds of children in Asia are falling behind in school?

PRMM wants to increase their impact in the surrounding community and to make education more accessible for local families, so they are reducing their school fees, which will result in an increase in enrolments. This is why the extra classrooms are so crucial.

It’s easy to take education for granted in Australia as we are so fortunate to have a solid educational system in place. A quality education opens up new opportunities and facilitates better outcomes in many ways, such as creating higher incomes, more stable and resilient societies, and facilitates the empowerment of women to be change makers in their communities.

This Easter you can give hope for a brighter future through education.

Will you invest in the lives of these children in India and Sri Lanka?

Would you stand with me this Easter, and give a gift which will enable boys and girls in India and Sri Lanka to have the gift of education, one of the keys which will unlock their future and help them on their journey to be productive, educated citizens in their country. Please give the gift of education this Easter, and watch for the miracles to appear!

All gifts $2 and over will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

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132 million

 girls are out of school (worldwide).



1 out of 6

girls do not complete 6th grade – worldwide .