We are excited to announce that the Board of Mukti Australia has appointed a new National Director!
Beginning in June, Kim Hammond will be bringing in an exciting new chapter for Mukti Australia. Kim has been a pastor for 30 years, and is an inspirational and engaging speaker who has spoken at youth conferences, church services and Pastor’s conferences around the world. He has worked for Forge International, and has been the lead pastor at CityLife Casey since 2015. He has a special focus on mission in the first world, and co-authored the book “Sentness: The Six Postures of a Missional Christian” (IVP 2014). This is just a fraction of his extensive experience and faithful work in multi-national Christian organisations.
Kim and Maria have been married since 1994 and have three grown children. He loves food and having people over for dinner, but mostly loves going to the movies with his wife.
Kim comments:
“Having spent two decades training churches on mission I have been praying about a new role that champions biblical justice. Mukti Australia is a beautiful aid and development organisation that champions women and children and I feel I can give my life to it. What an incredible heritage and history that Mukti Australia has. I am humbled to help Mukti move in its next chapter built on its fantastic past.”
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