Kudaoya is a private tea plantation estate on the outskirts of Hatton. The 300 families who live and work on the plantation are amongst the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Sri Lanka. Tea picking is gruelling and dangerous work, and a 12 hour day pays less than $4. Living conditions are very poor – most families live in one room compartments called ‘lines’ or in mud shacks, with up to 9 family members sharing a single room. Most families have no proper sanitation or running water. Previously the families shared communal toilets provided by the government, but more recently the government closed these toilets and introduced a requirement that each family have its own toilet. Of course most of the families cannot afford to build their own toilet, and sharing a neighbour’s private toilet causes a lot of tension between families. Therefore many families are forced to dig a pit outside their house as a toilet, resulting in diseases due to lack of hygiene.

Our partner in Sri Lanka, Wings of Hope is working to improve the living conditions of the Kudaoya community. Working together with a local church, Wings is providing families with the raw materials and construction expertise to build their own toilets. 8 toilets have already been constructed in the most needy households, however there are still another 20 families who desperately need a toilet.

The project costs for each toilet is $625. This includes materials, training on how to construct the toilet, support and oversight by a sanitation contractor, and project monitoring and management costs. We invite you to be part of this compelling initiative by donating, in part or in full, the cost of a toilet for a plantation family.