Sunrise Christian School students with Indian visitors Mukta Dagde and Saroj Kadam following their presentation to students on Monday.

Also pictured is Mukti Australia’s Glenda de Jager (back), school principal Anne Dolan and Pastor Evan Carr.

Sunrise Christian School
Mukti Junior College opening

The opening ceremony and dedication was held September 2015.

The new storey includes two new classrooms, several science laboratories and a library. More than mere bricks and mortar, the second storey means more disadvantaged Indian girls can receive higher levels of education, and “educating girls is a surefire way to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality, improve nutritional status and health, reduce poverty, and wipe out HIV/AIDS and other diseases” (Maritza Ascencios from UNICEF). So on behalf of every girls who will in the future sit and learn in the new classrooms, conduct experiments in the new science laboratories, and study in the new library, thank you to every Australian who partnered with us to build the second storey – they now have the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Mukti Mission wins award for outstanding work

In March 2017, the All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties & Social Justice invited Mukti Officials to New Delhi and presented them with an award for Mukti’s exemplary work. (pictured: PRMM Chief of Operations Mr Anil Frances with Mr Prashant Bhosale receiving the award on behalf of Mukti from the dignitaries).

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In Sanskrit, the word ‘mukti’ means freedom, liberation and salvation.

The name ‘mukti’ reflects the origins of our work which began in India over a century ago. Today, we partner with organisations in both India and Sri Lanka to empower disadvantaged children and women.

Mukti Australia is a Christian organisation seeking to change lives through a range of development initiatives that demonstrate, in a practical way, the love of Jesus Christ.