Our Story

In 1903, a group of concerned Australians joined together to support the work of Ramabai Mukti Mission to offer shelter, access to food and water, health care and education to children and women made destitute by famine in India.

As the work of the Mission grew, so did the number of Australians committed to supporting its work. An Australian Council was formed, and the bonds of partnership grew. Throughout the 1900’s, more and more Australians become involved in the work of the Mission – whether supporting the Mission’s work from Australia through donations, or serving at the Mission itself in India. Several of the Mission’s Directors were Australians.

In 2001 the Australian Council became incorporated as Ramabai Mukti Mission Australia Inc, then later changed its name to Mukti Australia Inc in 2009.

Today, under the leadership of its National Director Glenda de Jager, Mukti Australia has grown into an impressive network of employees, area representatives, volunteers and supporters across every state in Australia – all united by our commitment to see vulnerable women and children on the Indian subcontinent and in Sri Lanka, transformed and empowered to pursue lives of hope and purpose.

We do this by supporting our overseas partners through:


We pray for the work of our partners in India and Sri Lanka


We provide funding for development initiatives in India and Sri Lanka

Capacity Building

We support our partner staff in India and Sri Lanka


We send Australian volunteers and consultants to serve our partners in India and Sri Lanka with their time and expertise

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Mukti Australia Milestones


1902-03 Visit to Australia by Manoramabai, Ramabai’s daughter


1903 Mukti Council set up in Melbourne


1910 First missionary sent from Australia.


1999 Pandita Ramabai listed as one of the top 20 humanitarians of the 20th century by The Australian newspaper.


2001 Incorporated as Ramabai Mukti Mission Australia Inc.



2008 Full time National Director appointed for Mukti Australia // Extensive organisational review // Strategic Master plan II begins // Name changed to Mukti Australia Inc // Tax deductibility for Mukti Overseas Aid Fund secured


2010 Evaluation of organisation



2012 Director for Western Australia and Northern Territory appointed



2014 One of Mukti’s girls joined the deputation team in Australia