Over the last 131 years

we have partnered with WOMEN and CHILDREN in India and Sri Lanka.

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Something exciting is happening at Mukti Australia! We have launched 131MUKTI, our celebration of 131 years of Mukti.

It was way back in 1889 that Indian social reformer, Pandita Ramabai, founded her work with vulnerable women and children. She began rescuing young widows from the abominable practice of sati and gave them a loving home, an education, and the chance of a brighter future. She also founded Maharashtra’s first kindergarten.

When you consider what has happened in the 131 years since Ramabai started her tuition for 3 little girls who were Hindu child widows, the thousands of girls lives that have been transformed is staggering! God has blessed this work in amazing ways, and we are celebrating that!

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (PRMM) is now active in some 17 projects across eight States of India and thousands of women and children are still being rescued, nurtured and loved, giving them an opportunity to reach their full potential and lead meaningful lives.

That first kindergarten still forms part of Mukti’s multi-school complex, where some 2,700 students receive a quality education. Hundreds of women and children are provided with a loving home, regardless of their background.

Mukti Australia was established in 1903 to raise support for PRMM. Since 2016, Mukti Australia is also partnering with Wings of Hope Lanka to support the work with vulnerable women and children in Sri Lanka through community development initiatives.

Get involved


We invite you to celebrate with

us as we launch 131MUKTI


Launch date: 23 Sep 2020 until 131 days later on 31 Jan 2021

There are a number of ways you can be involved in this 131MUKTI celebration…

Become a monthly 131MUKTI partner Could you become a regular donor to Mukti’s work in India or Sri Lanka?

Both our partners, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India and Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka have suffered through this COVID-19 pandemic and they need our continued support and additional assistance at this time. You might like to become a regular partner financially and help finish some of our outstanding projects in both India and Sri Lanka.

We are looking for 131 people in 131 days, who will commit to a monthly gift of any amount.


Get involved 

Be a 131MUKTI Fundraiser!

Here are some ideas, but you may have your own:

· Host a quiz night (in person or online) with 131 questions.

We have the quiz all prepared for you to use with your friends and family or join one of our Mukti Australia quiz nights on Nov 13th or 27th.

· Make & sell 131 cup-cakes or jars of jam.

· Give a one-off gift of $131.

· Collect 131 coins, then send the proceeds to Mukti Australia.

· Cultivate 131 seedlings, pot them, and hold a pot plant sale

· Hold a Garage sale.

· Host a dinner

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Already a couple of wonderful ladies in the Northern Territory are working on a plant sale and are currently potting up 131 plants to sell at their church!

I wonder what ideas you might have to celebrate 131 years with us?


Be a 131MUKTI Prayer Partner.

Each month you can log on to our live zoom with our partners in India and Sri Lanka – this has been a great evening and friends who have joined in have really enjoyed being able to hear directly from Lorraine and Anil and some of the staff and girls in India, and Rebecca and Adrian in Sri Lanka.

Our ZOOM PRAYER event on the first Wednesday of each month. Would you like more details of this? – phone the Mukti office and we will help you. Our regular prayer notes are also available on request – call the Mukti Australia Office on            03 9890 0211.

 213.8 million

in India are undernourished suffering from

hunger and malnutrition.



1 out of 6

girls do not complete 6th grade.